Write Feelings – Obituary Of A Living Scribe And Other Essays

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“News today is sensational, fast and often fake — attributes Suresh has been taught and trained to avoid.
But there is a fourth attribute to news that journalists don’t wear on their sleeves. It defies all stereotypical notions associated with the profession. Emotion, it is. Newsmen are reckoned to be detached and untouched. Almost Zen-like. They are the ones
who can cover a gruesome tragedy and then head straight out to have a hearty meal. On many levels, the intrepid journalist is not much different from a beat cop: Both encounter the worst of mankind. Both are exposed to the scum of the world. Both put on a
brave face, admirably reticent to tragedies and comedies. But beneath the façade, there is a beating heart — one that pines for that little girl who was raped and murdered; one that sobs for that beautiful woman whose husband was murdered by her own father;
and one that prays for the safety of those twelve hapless boys trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. Write Feelings is all about this. It brings out the emotion that Suresh had bottled up during four decades of his journalistic existence. These are words
that the heart refuses to say out loud but gush out in the comfort of solitude. A cathartic release.”

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